Birthday!Birthday!Birthday!Birthday! Part One

One of the worst kept secrets of all time is that I love my birthday. I would not generally categorize myself as a narcissist, but my birthday is all about me and I love it. I love the anticipation and seeing all my friends in one big group and hearing from so many of the people I care about who I maybe don’t keep in such awesome contact with the rest of the year. Zack, whose birthday is in July, likes to tell people that his birthday is to my birthday as Thanksgiving is to Christmas: it marks the opening of the season.

Internet, my birthday is Sunday! And I haven’t even been prattling on about it since July! Only since like…early August-ish?

This year Zack and I both turn 25. I feel like this has some significance even though it’s neither of our golden birthdays (we’re not really into that sort of thing anyway, to tell you the truth). Though, come to think of it, really the only applicable-to-life significance is that we are now able to rent a car without it costing eleventy billion dollars. You know, because at the stroke of midnight on your 25th birthday you magically become Mature And Responsible, instead of Twenty-Four And Stoopid. Maybe there’s fairy dust involved?

For Zack’s birthday I decided I needed to step up my game. No dinner and present and sexy times, the end. I mean…those things were all elements of The Birthday Extravaganza, but it wasn’t just ONE gift. It was TWENTY-FIVE GIFTS, one for each year of his life. Some I made, some I spent way too much money buying, and others I involved his friends and family in creating. All were gorgeously and lovingly wrapped (read: TOOK FOREVER TO WRAP YOU SHOULD FEEL SO LOVED NOW LOOK AT MY BLOODY FINGERTIPS). I also attempted to make him a delicious dinner with handmade pasta and pesto with my own homegrown basil (my basil plants were prolific this year, y’all), but I cooked the pasta all sorts of wrong and ended up with mushy pasta-paste. Which…bummer. Who knew homemade pasta had different cooking instructions? Luckily we’d had a large lunch and dinner was really more for show than for hunger-quelling purposes. However, I did make a YOOOOGE cheesecake from scratch that was perfect and delicious. We ended the night at Zack’s favorite Blues Bar in Chicago, Kingston Mines, with friends. I was pleased with my work.

Zack has made it clear in recent months that his gift for me will trump my birthday gift to him. And Internet, it really, REALLY has.

To Be Continued…

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