This Is My Brain On Overload

I am sort of in the middle of A Thing. A Thing that does not directly relate to me (I am fine, Zack is fine) but falls squarely into the category of Things Which Shall Not Be Blogged About. We all have those boundaries, so I know you understand. I’m just a little frazzled and unsure about why I feel so upset about a situation that doesn’t have much to do with my own daily life. Does that ever happen to you? Also, this Thing is hurting people I love, and don’t nobody mess with mah peeps, lest you seek a swift punch in the neck. If this post seems a little ramble-y or even entirely pointless, it’s because I’m a little preoccupied today. Sorry!

So there’s that.

Moving on! This weekend I celebrated my birthday with my friends and with my mom and step-dad. I am pretty confident that this brings my birthday season to a close, so you can all come back here without fear that I’m blathering on again about my damn birthday because that is all I ever talk about anymore, GAWD.

My friends made this awesome Mediterranean meal that was delicious. I am still thinking about it, three days after, which means I should probably just ask them for the recipes they used. HM, NOVEL IDEA. They also showered me with some really nice gifts: a pair of boots I’d had my eye on, salon shampoo & conditioner I’ve been whining about, a subscription to Cooking Light magazine to bolster my efforts at healthy eating, lovely earrings in a handmade origami box, and a yummy bottle of Pinot Noir. Plus some mixed CD’s with music spanning all the years of my life. Which, let me just say, was quite a superb trip down memory lane, not to mention our hilarious efforts at singing along.

My mom took me shopping for new clothes, which, YES. Just yes.  She offered to buy me a new winter coat instead, but after all the debate over a new one, I decided to stick with last year’s coat for one more season. We’ll be in a better position next winter to get me a coat that I am excited about and that will last more than one winter before breaking (plus, in completely objective comparison (PFFFT) I needed the clothes more). My mom fixed the zipper on my old coat for free (to me) and I’m just going to pretend the new gold zipper matches the silver-ish zippers on the pockets. No judgment, k? Also my step-dad made me one of my favorite dishes: sautéed tuna with this cilantro-jalepeno-basil mixture on top, avocado & tomato salad, and sweet potato fries. Oh my God, heaven in my mouth.

This Just In: the CTA plans to raise its prices by quite a bit in 2010, after doing a smaller-scale hike in 2009.  Aaaaaand I’m pissed. Oh, happy Monday.

And now, a photo of my adorable dog. Because I have no idea how to end these shenanigans.


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