Thursday Rambles

It is chill-ay up in here, y’all. Usually I keep a sweater at work but I took it home to be washed and keep forgetting to bring another and BOY AM I REGRETTING THAT RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

I just don’t get it. It’s rainy and everyone’s wearing jackets and I’m rollin’ around in scarves and boots and everything zipped up to my ears, and still – STILL! – the air conditioner remains on full-blast. Where is the logic, I ask you? I can only assume the logic is dead. And probably frozen somewhere.

And then (speaking of incompetent temperature decisions) the fine folks who manage our apartment building decided that it was time to turn on the heat. Which sounds like sense based on my above comments re: boot and scarf wearing, but actually makes no sense from 34 floors up. Because heat rises and it’s rising right up into my goddamn bedroom and I can’t even turn on the air to cool it down because it’s been switched over to heat already and OMFG what if there’s a fire and we have to flee the building and I’m naked because it was too hot to sleep with clothes on and then IT’S ALL THEIR FAULT I’M NAKED IN PUBLIC. It’s the high school nightmare, come alive!


Yesterday was what I’m assuming will be our last chance at decent weather and moderate temperatures in this area for awhile so Zack and I took an epic walk around the lake and chatted. It was nice to chill out and really connect and be out of our apartment. We are awesome at forgetting that we’re not 45 and bogged down with children and can actually, you know, GO OUT on the weeknights without much hassle. So we also saw the movie “Couples Retreat.” Now, the movie got absolutely putrid reviews from everything I’d read online about it. But I was all “whatEVER, I love romantic comedies and these folks are funny!” And sometimes I am glad that I never give up on the ol’ romantic comedy. I mean, OF COURSE they never get rave reviews – they are all pretty formulaic and often too packaged-up-with-a-nice-bow for many peoples’ liking. They may not be overly realistic, but they are usually pretty idealistic, which I can appreciate. I give “Couples Retreat” the thumbs up; it was charming, witty, and fun. There’s an adorable kid, a few wacky characters, and the message that all marriages have their issues, no relationship is perfect, but you have to decide whether it’s worth fighting for. Nice, huh? And yes, there’s the neat and tidy feel-good ending.


This morning while I was walking Arlo another dog spotted him in the park. And I could tell by the way his owner was grinning like a damn fool that she thought her preshus babykins was so adorable to want to play wif his widdle fwiend. So, because I am an ass and because I don’t have half an hour to spend letting my dog sniff other dogs’ butts in the morning, I smiled (so as not to be thought rude) and walked away from fluffyface squeakums and his owner. Like, turned my back on them and plowed us away to the other side of the park. THIS IS ME SENDING YOU A MESSAGE, LADY (spoiler alert!: she did not get the message). She came over to us with her overexcited, maybe-peeing-himself-a-little mooshybottom sparklecheeks and of course Arlo went nuts and the dogs started circling each other like crazy and about four seconds later their leashes were a tangled, knotted mess. Which is super awesome and not time consuming to deal with at all. After THAT I wasn’t even polite. We got the dogs squared away and I just turned and stalked off toward my building. That time she seemed to catch my drift and quit following us. I seriously debated complaining to Zack about it, but thought he’d be better able to appreciate the indignation of the story at a time when he wasn’t being woken up to hear it. I’m considerate like that.


I hear the microwave and it reminds me that I have delicious leftover lasagna from Maggiano’s for lunch. And now my mouth is watering. I’m hungry!

Is it Friday yet?

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