Thursday Rambles Again or, Maybe Let’s Just Make This A Tradition

There is Godiva chocolate right. Next. To. My. Desk. Which I am trying very hard to ignore, and pretty much completely failing. I’ve had four and it’s only 11:30. DON’T JUDGE.

One of my co-workers brings in a huge assortment of Godiva truffles twice a year and today, his birthday, is one of the occasions. Since I am the most central locale in all of Officeland, being the receptionist, the spread is right beside my desk. It’s actually kind of funny, when I am not bemoaning my lack of self-control, to watch my co-workers come and spend an enormous amount of time studying the chocolate and trying to decipher the flavors based on the little guide that comes with them. Two people even went through the guide and marked all the ones we have to make selections easier for everyone. It’s also a tad annoying to have to constantly hide whatever I’m doing on the computer that isn’t work-related while people hover over my shoulder.

Truffle Day is serious business around here.


I feel like I might possibly be starting to come down with something. My throat feels thick and almost sore; my eyes are puffy; my head is foggy and I slept like complete garbage last night. Getting up was a major chore. Good thing I have all this chocolate to keep me company today!


This morning a woman got on my bus, rode if for three blocks, and got off. She paid $2.25 to go three blocks in what was definitely the same amount, if not more, time than it would have taken her to walk. She did not appear ill or overly tired and she had no physical problem that seemed to prevent her from walking normally. I’m not going to lie, when I see people do this I think less of them. It just seems lazy and wasteful, especially on a day that it’s not raining or particularly cold.

Let me just say, however, that on frigid or rainy days, all bets are off and everyone’s welcome in the steamy shelter of the bus, free of judgment.

In other bus-related nonsense: last night, for the first time since we moved to Chicago, I got on the wrong bus going home. I didn’t realize I was on the wrong bus until I was a good three blocks (irony!) out of my way. After that, I decided it would probably be better to just walk home, which I did. It was actually quite nice.


Arlo is acting kind of funny. We’ve noticed he’s been a little aggressive toward the cats; he’s growled at them twice. Zack thinks it’s food aggression, as Arlo has discovered the deliciousness that is cat food and that surprise! he can reach their bowls. Which…fuck. I thought I’d found the perfect way to feed everyone without his being able to get to the cat food, but after 14 months he’s caught on to my scheme. If we had more SPACE it would be nothing to just feed them in separate rooms and call it a day, but we really only have two rooms: the main living area/kitchen and the bedroom. One of us is almost always asleep for their morning meal, which excludes the bedroom from becoming a feeding ground; our pets are not what you’d call dainty eaters.

I think this new aggression is probably food-related, but could also be attributed to 1) he’s not getting enough exercise and has too much energy to burn; or 2) his skin irritation/allergies are more bothersome than we realize and he’s physically uncomfortable and thus on edge.

For now, we’re going to try and do something about the food aggression and exercise and see if that makes a difference, since neither of those things cost a million dollars in vet bills. If those don’t work, I guess it’s on to the vet.


My stomach hurts.

Thanks, Godiva.

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