Weekend Re-cap

I was determined to carry my camera around this weekend and take pictures of everything I did so I can start adding photos to this here blog. Two things happened:

1) We pretty much didn’t do anything photo-worthy; and

2) The camera battery died approximately three-and-a-half seconds after I turned it on.

So another post without photos. Sorry! I really did almost sort of try.

Friday night I was subjected to The Big Lebowski by my loving husband and fabulous college roommate. I had fuzzy memories of maybe watching part of it in college but knew I hadn’t finished the movie, and that was assuming I was thinking of the right one in the first place. Which I was. And now I remember why I didn’t finish it the first time around: IT WAS FUCKING TERRIBLE.

I know it’s supposedly “like, totally the most quotable movie EVER, omg it’s so FUNNY!” but holy balls, people. I would rather tear my hair out, set it on fire and eat the ashes than watch that crap a second time around. It was coma-inducingly boring. And stupid. Even the beer didn’t help! Sorry, Zack and Erin: movieFAIL. I’ll accept the rotten vegetables thrown at my head willingly if you promise to never make me sit through that movie ever again. Actually, how about we just never speak of it and you can throw the vegetables silently, while I pretend I never saw a thing?

We had a surprise heat wave this weekend. It was completely gorgeous, a balmy 71 degrees. Except in my apartment, where it was a good 85. Because they’ve turned our AC off for the winter. So we spent most of Saturday rolling around in our underwear trying to avoid heatstroke. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I know, I know! We should have gone out. Except it’s hard to get motivated when you’re sweating so much your hair refuses to dry after your shower and just looking at pants makes you five degrees warmer. Also, I have this little problem where I find things that WE TOTALLY NEED! when we go out and since we are trying save for Zack’s ticket, my shifty tooth and the holidays, it’s probably better for our bank account that I kept my fingers to myself.

Not that staying in did anything for the state of my apartment. The laundry remains strewn about in piles, the dishes are unwashed, the cat box could probably use some attention. Whatevs.

We went north to my mom’s Saturday afternoon to escape the heat. My step-sister brought my 18-month-old niece over Sunday morning and hoo-boy, did she give Arlo a run for his money! She’s only about half a head taller than Arlo, but the way he ran away from her you’d think she towered over him. She WAS pretty insistent about the whole “GET THE BALL DOGGIE!!!!” thing, and I guess she did whap him a time or six with the hat she was wearing. He was great with her, though, and they were hilarious to watch. Particularly the baby, when she pulled her hat on so hard that she knocked herself onto her butt, which she thought was just the funniest thing that ever happened. ADORABLE.

All in all, it was a relaxing weekend that was over before I even blinked. Only five more days ’til the next one!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Re-cap

  1. ejfahrer says:

    Dude seriously. The Big Lebowski is a masterpiece – the only reason I’m not calling you a philistine is because you were a good sport and sat through the whole thing. We’ll probably never agree on this one, so I suggest we call a truce and never speak of it again. Except for when you see it again and say “erin, you were right – this film is solid american gold. i’ve been so blind!” To which I will reply, “it warms my heart to hear you say so. i knew you’d come around.”

    and maybe, also, “i told you so.”

  2. Austin says:

    Yeah, except remember how I shoved the movie back into your hands and made you take it away before Zack could even try to have it on in the background at my house? WILL NEVER HAPPEN (the second viewing, that is) (also the whole “coming around to its awesomeness” thing).

    Next time, let’s skip the movie and just drink. Playing cards is also acceptable.

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