Thursday Rambles: ‘Things I Am Addicted To’ Edition

Because you’re all dying to know, I’ve decided to clue you in on the things that make my world go ’round. Or, otherwise put, things I am shamelessly in love with to the point of unhealthy obsession dear God, SOMEBODY STOP ME. But not really, because I’d hate to have to slap a bitch.

Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice

I lump these two shows together because, while I am ridiculous about them both, Grey’s just isn’t what it used to be. The show’s getting kind of boring and predictable and there’s all these new characters we’re supposed to care about and the ones I already care about are coming and going like crazy and FEH. It’s just not going anywhere good. But I watch because I am a devoted fan, even after Denny came back from the dead – OMG TUMOR – and the show completely jumped the shark. The shark has sort of jumped back (into the water? where exactly is the shark jumping in this phrase?) (Meredith, I’M LOOKING AT YOU) and I’m interested insomuch as I want to see how the characters develop (or devolve, as the case may be). In my head my expectations are low, but in my heart I’ll always believe in you, Shonda!

Private Practice, however, the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off show starring Kate Walsh a.k.a. Addison Montgomery, is excellent! The characters are all likable and multi-faceted, the show’s drama-filled but doesn’t get like, totally unrealistic on a weekly basis. I think it’s probably just that the show has a freshness about it that Grey’s now lacks, but you better believe I kick Zack off the good TV every week to watch mah stories.

Am emotionally invested.


Scramble, oh Scramble. How we while away the hours together, me dreaming of a time when I’ll beat Phil’s outrageously high score of 246 points. I’m not SAYING he cheats, but come on. 246?! Plus he sends me smug emails containing nothing but his new high score every time he outdoes himself. It is SO on.

For those of you not in the know, Scramble is a game on Facebook where you choose a 4×4 or 5×5 board and a bunch of jumbled up letters appear. You have three minutes to find as many words as possible on the board and each word has an assigned point value. You can play solo or against your friends. I’ve only ever played solo, which doesn’t mean I’m not competing. Oh yes I am.

Go. Seek it out. Be amazed. Fall in love.

The Twilight Saga

Yes, Erin, I can see your eye rolling from here.

I don’t claim that these are the best books ever written, or even anything close. They are by no means works of a literary genius. What I know is that they are so damn compelling that I blew through the entire series in a week.

I love a good series, where I can hang on to characters longer than I’d normally be able. I’m a character-driven reader and Stephenie Meyer, while sometimes cheesy and definitely based in fantasy as far as her writing goes, has created three-dimensional characters like it’s her, uh, job. Or something. But DUDES. Seriously. These books are all the rage for a reason. Whenever I am feeling restless and in need of a story I know will really suck me in, I revisit the Twilight books because they hit the spot every. Single. Time.

The movie, though, not so much. I take SERIOUS ISSUE with some casting choices (*cough* KRISTENSTEWART *cough*) and I thought Twilight looked sort of low-budge and dumb. But I have high(er) hopes for New Moon because they got rid of the crackhead (okay, not really) director and replaced her with someone [hopefully] better. The second film sure looks more Hollywood-esque, and I mean that in a good way. I shall bestow my good graces upon it until I can give it a real review.

Yes I will see it. No I will not be squeeing in delight at the midnight showing on November 20. I just don’t have that kind of stomach. Or friends who will go with me.

In My Mouth

Hazelnut coffee creamer. Because it’s the perfect balance between sweet and nutty. Also my building gives those adorable single-serving sizes out for free every morning from 6-8.

Honey mustard. Sweet, tangy, flavorful. Good for the healthier salads while also being a prime option for deep-friend foods such as french fries and chicken tenders. A multi-layered condiment, to be sure.

Fresh pineapple. Discover the wonder if you haven’t already.

Halloween candy of all shapes and sizes. Dear God, somebody stop me. Bitch slap not included.

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SapphoBearSappho doing “The Bear”

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Rambles: ‘Things I Am Addicted To’ Edition

  1. ejfahrer says:

    Because I’m attempting to be a grown up, i will resist from saying “I know something else that’s sweet and nutty in your mouth”. I won’t. I won’t do it.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Ouch. I guess *I* am not a good enough friend.

    Maybe you would rather see New Moon alone…

    • Austin says:

      If SOMEONE would return their emails in a timely fashion then SOMEONE ELSE would know that plans were in place.

      Hint: This was written before our plans, dude.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Ohhh, wight.

    PS I think you are confused. I am not a dude.

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