Lookin’ Good

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the blog is a bit different. I think this cleaner, brighter look works better than the Depression Blue of the previous design. Plus I can make my own photos the header, and it’s pretty much idiot-proof, so maybe that will motivate me to move beyond just taking pictures to actually, you know, uploading them onto the computer and posting them here. We shall see. In any case, that’s Arlo on his very first boat ride (which he loved). We continue to wait for him to grace the water with his precious little toesies. He is kind of a wimp about the whole swimming thing. But I suspect we’ll get there eventually. Maybe.

In other news, I spent a considerable portion of this morning bemoaning the fact that we have no Thanksgiving leftovers. Really I am just upset that I didn’t get a chance to make The Perfect Leftover Turkey Sandwich, which for me is more important than turkey with gravy or cranberry sauce on the actual holiday. What is The Perfect Leftover Turkey Sandwich, you ask? It’s simple:

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey + Whole Wheat Bread + Mayo + Salt & Pepper = NOM NOM NOM.

I know that seems, like, idiotically basic and I should just shut up. But it’s all in the ratios, people. All in the ratios. Adding to the importance of capitalizing on my turkey sandwich-making opportunities is the fact that we do not roast whole birds in my household. There’s no aversion to it, I guess, but with only two of us it seems like way more meat than our capacity for leftovers encompasses. Simply put: we would likely not eat an entire roasted chicken or turkey before it would go bad.

Anyway, despite being well within range of leftover turkey this weekend, I did not get even one delicious morsel of perfection because my in-laws? They had no mayo. None! And every time we went out I would tell myself that on the way home I’d stop and grab some. Of course, every time I was on my way home, I forgot. So yes, it’s my own fault. But damn. I was having one of those Cannot Have It Which Makes Me Want It Even More moments (hours) this morning and telling you all about it is kind of taking me back to The Bad Place so I think it’s time to end this.

Happy Tuesday! Unfortunately we are nowhere close to Friday yet. However, can you even BELIEVE that it’s already December? I need to get my little Christmas-shopping hiney in gear.

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