The point is somewhere in the middle

Last week was Blog Post Lite because I was terribly busy stuffing 1,000 holiday greeting cards into 1,000 envelopes and then stamping, sealing and pasting each one with an address label I’d lovingly (frustratedly, irrtatedly, because I can never remember how to do it right) mail merged. It was just as fun as it sounds! I told Zack that we are never sending Christmas cards after that experience and I think he was a little surprised at the foot I’d planted so firmly down about it (because he told me so). I said if he wanted to send Christmas cards with pictures of our adorable children one day then he’s welcome to do it his damn self. I’m a good compromiser like that.

(I think I made up about seven words in that paragraph, in case anyone was counting.)

The weekend was spent resting my crippled hands mostly hanging out up in my mom’s neck of the woods. We went Christmas shopping on Saturday and I am pretty sure I was present for the purchase of at least 50% of the gifts I will be unwrapping next week. But I also helped guide her with some of her choices for Zack, which I think he will surely benefit from. Also I kept her from buying things like scarves and gloves for my sister and Tony, who will only need them for the five days they are in town for winter this year.

And that brings me to the real point of this here post: Meredith and Tony are here!

I got to spend yesterday with them and it was great. We celebrated Christmas and they opened all their gifts and everyone else opened one gift of my mom’s choosing (I got a long frame with pictures my mom printed from our wedding!). My mom bought Meredith & Tony the game Apples to Apples which, bizarrely enough, Meredith started talking about Sunday afternoon before the gift-opening happened. It was like fortune-telling!

But Internet, I am kind of bummed. I have to work all week. They had to drive out so they are not able to be around for any weekend time other than yesterday and I have to hoard my vacation time for the HONEYMOON (!!!) we are taking to Europe (!!!!) in March (!!!!!!). (Am excited, if you couldn’t tell) So I feel like I am missing out on time with my sister and I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to see her again. Stupid boys and stupid California. Or, perhaps more accurately, stupid not having enough vacation time to throw around during the holidays.

In amongst my vacationlessness is Zack’s last final, which happens tomorrow afternoon, and two tutoring sessions he has to uphold (my man is schooling the high schoolers for to help them get good ACT scores and go to college and stuff). Also ye olde [$400] tooth is getting fixed on Wednesday evening. I tried to reschedule but the next available evening appointment isn’t until March, and I think my sister will understand when I say “Um, that shit needs fixin’ before March.” (She’s had teeth issues of her own) (thanks Mom and Dad, for the weak enamel!) Also Meredith’s school friends are visiting tomorrow so she is unavailable then. Sigh.

We are in the process of working out some type of compromise, which I sincerely hope will involve a trip to Cafe Sushi for some delicious rolls. I came late to the delightfulness that is sushi and only had my first “real” sushi experience on Saturday night for my friend’s birthday (where I went through and asked questions about what things on the menu actually were and picked out the stuff that sounded good to me and, you know, learned, rather than just poke my plate suspiciously because OMG RAW!). It was soooo good. I am still thinking about it and talking about it (obvs). Zack couldn’t go because – you guessed it! – he had to study. I got good and drunk and when he picked me up I ranted at him for a solid ten minutes about “THA SOOOOOOOOOSHEEEEEE!” and how we must go there as soon as possible. He thinks he’s going to get out of it but really he is just wrong. Neither of us were wow’d by the sushi we had on my birthday so he doesn’t yet understand the magic that can happen with raw fish and some rice. Anyway, I am hopeful we can work something out with Meredith and Tony so we can see them a time or two before they leave.

Oh, and has anyone seen The Year One? Because if not, let me help you out: DON’T BOTHER. Honestly, we picked it up from Blockbuster on Friday night because we really wanted to like it, despite knowing that it was thoroughly shat on by reviewers when it came out over the summer in theaters.  Which makes it all the worse that we barely made it to the end; we put effort into enjoying it, including an entire bottle of wine, and it was just terrible. There was maybe a weak chuckle or two aimed in Michael Cera’s  general direction but overall, a massive disappointment. Zack blames Jack Black and I’m going to have to go ahead and agree with him there, much as I love School of Rock.

And…wow. How quickly this post has derailed from its point. Or a point of any kind, really.

Eh, it’s Monday. I am also going to blame the Zicam Cold & Flu, because yep, I think I am getting a touch of some disease that I am not naming because to name it is to acknowledge its existence and I am not giving it that kind of power over me (except, yes, I know, I just acknowledged it on my blog so probably I am going to die from it now, shut up).

Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting off in a more coherent fashion than mine apparently is.


4 thoughts on “The point is somewhere in the middle

  1. Sabrina says:

    I’ll kill you where you stand.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I was quoting that God awful movie… that was the only line I found funny from “Year One”. Obviously you didn’t.

    • Austin says:

      HAHAHAHA. Yeah I don’t even remember that. I could blame it on the wine, but really it’s probably more like my drooping eyelids and desperate pleading for Zack to just let me sleep already.

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