A short post because it’s Friday and also because it turns out all I have to talk about is my dog

Cohesion never really found me this week. I’ve been bouncing around between work holiday parties and Christmas plans/shopping and new projects while at the same time being entirely distracted by my sister’s presence. I did not get to see her enough and now she’s on her way back to California.

Arlo and Jan…omg. LOVE (often inappropriate love) (as in, lots of humping and not all by Arlo). Those two are either robot dogs or someone fed them crack before each visit because dude. They wrestled and played and barked and chased like nobody’s business. Both weigh around 35 pounds but where Jan is the typically stocky and front-heavy bulldog, Arlo is tall(er) and more evenly proportioned (he’s a beagle mix). They were a pretty even match in the wrestle-each-other-to-the-ground-and-roll game that they seemed to prefer. The family who were trying to talk/eat/watch TV/keep the baby from being knocked on her ass had a less stellar time.

Arlo Jan

Arlo doesn’t always get along with other dogs so it was fun to see him fall so effortlessly into being friends with Jan. I am told that Jan is usually pretty intimidated by other dogs so the ease with which she took a shine to Arlo was surprising to Meredith and Tony as well. I’m sad that they won’t have the opportunity to have more play dates (oh for chrissake, I just said “play date” in reference to my dog) but I guess I will settle for a few nights of sound sleep out of Arlo and maybe – hopefully! – last night’s canine fiesta will result in Arlo passing out on our drive to Minnesota tonight. I may have already cashed in on that one, though.

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