Celebration Station

Last night was my friend’s birthday party and HOO BOY did I celebrate. I celebrated to the tune of almost an entire bottle of red wine and something like six vodka and Crystal Lights. I vaguely remember something about flailing limbs and poorly sung Christmas songs. I know when this song came on the radio Megan and I about lost our shit and fell all over one another singing along and making up words because neither one of us knew the whole thing. It was bad. And loud. It’s times like these I am thankful that my friends and I don’t take a ton of photos or video footage of ourselves because last night in no way needed documenting. It would only come back to haunt us later.

I usually have a social “off button” that gets switched by about 11:00pm, because I am secretly 75, but last night this was not the case. I rolled in at 3:00am and Zack looked up from sleep, bleary-eyed, and warned me that I’d come to regret my decision to stay out in about four hours. Ha! He was so wrong.

It took almost seven hours.

Oh my God. The headache. The headaaaaaaaaache. It is intense. My stomach is also swinging wildly between perfectly fine and relatively interested in food to Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Which led to some clever positioning of my garbage can (thankfully I think the time for trash-puking has passed). I’m happy to report, however, that I haven’t even ONCE lain my head upon my desk or committed any other nap-like act. I am saving my sleeps for a great big mouth-open-wide, arms-and-legs-flung-out snorathon tonight, oh yes I am. The evening ahead looks something like this:

5:00 Tromp home through the ice storm. Walk good and slow so as to avoid falling on ass (see: last night’s dog-walking shenanigans).

5:25 Glorious, glorious sweatpants. Commence Lounging.

6:00 Mmm dinners. Still lounging, for I am a professional multi-tasker.

6:30 Lounge lounge lounge.

7:00 I don’t think I have yet tired of lounging.

7:30 Perhaps I should get up. I’ve been sitting on the couch all evening!

8:00 Lounge in bed! Brilliant!

8:30 Is it too early for sleep?

8:31 Zzzzzzzz.

But that’s just a rough estimate. I mean, maybe I will lounge in bed the entire time! Who knows? I’m spontaneous like that.

Tomorrow we head up to spend Christmas with my family. I will spend the first half of the day cleaning, cursing, gift-wrapping and cursing some more. Then we’ll pile into the car with the loot and the dog and head out of the city for a few days to stuff our faces and dirty up my mom’s house (she misses having us home, I know).  Safe travels to those of you who will be on the road visiting loved ones, too. Happy holidays!

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