In which I pretend to have things to talk about

I don’t know what it is but lately I am stupidly uptight about messes in my apartment. First, you should know that neat-freak tendencies? Neither of us really have them. Also space? We don’t have much of that either. So what would be inconsequential clutter in, say, 1000+ square feet makes our 680 square foot apartment look like a hurricane just blew through it. Normally I take the “eh, whatever” attitude but lately I’ve been compulsive about making the rounds and putting away toiletries that were left out on the bathroom counter after the morning rush, the five Cooking Light magazines we flipped through last night to find new recipes and left on the coffee table, the Totally Inconsequential So Of Course Let’s Keep It Forever junk mail that’s piled up on the counters. And omg the dishes. The dishes drive me fucking crazy, y’all. You’d think I was in my eighth month of pregnancy or something, the way I scurry around trying to clean up! clean up! It’s not clean enough yeeeeeeet. (Spoiler alert: totally not pregnant).

I can’t figure out what’s going on with me. Maybe it’s just because we’ve been spending more time at home lately and it’s FA-REEZING outside (though it was 20* this morning when I took Arlo out; heatwave!) so I’m getting a little claustrophobia that presents itself as nesting? This whole clean freak business is hard work though, for real. And if I were Zack I’d totally be ready to punch me in the face the next time I give him a pointed look about, you know, not putting his toothbrush in the holder the right way. Yeesh.


I am coveting expensive toiletry items. Philosophy, Lush, Clinique, etc. Mostly, though, I look up the Hope in a Jar and Purity prices on Amazon a lot in the hopes that they will magically come down because you are talking to the girl who pays $4 for pressed powder at Walgreens. I don’t do the high end stuff. Except that I turned 25 in October and I can kind of see where my “serious face,” between-the-eyebrows lines are starting to be there all the time maybe and I don’t want to look mad or even serious forever! Philosophy, HALP!

I’m also experiencing pretty intense dry skin of the hand and face variety. The rest of me seems okay moisture-wise but dang. I can’t catch a break with the face and hands no matter what I use. And of course, with respect to the face, I’m trying to balance sandpapery-dryness with pleasepleaseplease don’t break out! So that’s fun. And constantly annoying.


I am really, really into vampire books right now. Like, really. If we are friends on Goodreads you might have picked up on that fact. I am pretty unbiased when it comes to vampire stories, whether they come from theYoung Adult or Adult section. I think there are some really great YA novels and some really terrible ones (I have encountered both in my seasoned readership of vampire fiction). Zack takes great pleasure in making fun of my obsession hobby. It’s one of those that’s been around awhile (since middle school) but kind of fades in and out over time. Right now I am at a high point; I can’t get enough. I’m devouring a couple books a week and unfortunately, this is where I have to make a confession.

I am a terrible library patron. TERRIBLE.

Now, I love the library. Except that I have this leetle problem where I can’t ever seem to remember a due date and on the occasion that I do remember I often can’t find the book or forget the book when I’m going in the direction of the library, etc. etc. You get the picture. Me and due dates? We are enemies. Me and library fines? We each have a half of one of those “Best Friends Forever” heart necklaces. And Chicago is smart; they don’t let you check out books unless you are totally squared up in the fines department, which I never am. So this obsession of late with vampire books, particularly series, is becoming expensive for me, what with there being a Borders just down the street from my apartment, another bookstore next to my office and at my fingertips all day.

I know I could just pay my fines and start using the library again, and it would be cheaper in the long run, but I’m just far to lazy for that. I’d rather come whine about it on my blog until I am forced into action. Also let’s be honest. I’ll pay my (rather hefty) fines and then turn around and do the same thing all over again. Better to just be honest with myself about my borrowing capabilities and put my money to use buying the books, rather than singlehandedly funding a new wing of the Chicago Public Library. Right?


2 thoughts on “In which I pretend to have things to talk about

  1. Anne says:

    At least if you’re funding a new wing for the Chicago Public Library then *I* get a nicer library to visit. 😉

    Bonus for the library: somewhere in 2008, I believe, CPL *finally* went online, and now you can renew your books online if you’re getting close to a due date, so that might help out your chronic lateness.

    Plus, you only have to borrow vs buy, what, four paperbacks to get Philosophy Hope in a Jar, yes? That is what we call INCENTIVE.

    I use a metric ton of Philosophy stuff, and it is all so worth it. Once you make it past the initial purchase, nothing has to be bought again for a long time, the jars/tubes last quite a while. I use…
    -Purity Facewash
    -Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
    -Never Let Them See You Shine Facewash
    -Never Let Them See You Shine primer
    -Hope in a Tube (eye cream)
    -Hope in a Jar (lotion)
    -Hope in a Bottle (lotion when I’m breaking out)
    -When Hope Is Not Enough (firming serum)
    -Turbo Booster C Powder

    Holy crap, I have a lot of Philosophy stuff. Don’t tell my wife.

    • Austin says:

      I couldn’t tell your wife so I told my husband about your Philosophy, shall we say, problem 🙂 And then his head exploded. He doesn’t understand why everyone can’t use Pert Plus and Ivory soap (DO YOU SEE WHAT I AM DEALING WITH HERE? He freaks when I want to buy body wash.). Plus he was with me in Sephora when I was scoping out prices on Saturday and about had a stroke when he saw how much all that stuff costs.

      You make an interesting point re: cost of books covering the cost of Philosophy products, though. Combined with this new knowledge of – gasp! – online renewals, I might have to swallow my pride and return to the CPL. Who knew their system was so fancy??

      Don’t I owe you some sort of potato dish for all this insight?

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