Urban Family Christmas

Last night my girlfriends and I did an “urban family” Christmas with just the four of us. We made an absolutely decadent meal, exchanged gifts, and spent some quality time catching up and laughing. It was wonderful. And the meal? The meal was HEAVENLY.

We had caviar, bleu-cheese-stuffed-bacon-wrapped dates, butternut squash soup, fettucine with creamy truffle butter sauce, and chocolate fondue to, uh, round it all (read: us) out. We decided the only thing missing was a fresh green salad with some type of homemade, delicious dressing. Which, honestly, I think I would have taken two bites of and moved back to the bacon wrapped dates anyway because OMFG they were amazing. I just can’t say enough good things about the food because it was delicious and fairly simple to make, which surprised us all. We only took a couple of photos and we missed the caviar and fondue altogether.

Yes, those are leftover napkins from the college graduation party we threw ourselves. Two and a half years ago.

My favorite thing about the evening was, of course, the company. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the husbands and boyfriends and pets that need attention at home and be with just the girls. We had a great time and I think we all felt a little like we were back in that big drafty house we rented together senior year of college (only with way better interior decorating and also DID I MENTION THE FOOD?).

Creamy, spicy deliciousness.

And the evening came with a follow-up Girls Night built in because Erin got us reservations to The Publican restaurant! Which…AWESOME IDEA! We are all really excited.

This is my excited face! Cheers!


One thought on “Urban Family Christmas

  1. Megan says:

    Bacon wrapped orgasms is what they were! Who knew that something as uninteresting and ugly as a date could taste so-o-oooo good! Not me.

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