My house is full of obsessers

Sorry I’ve been absent for a solid week now. I’ve been busy devouring vampire fiction in literally every second of my spare time, so writing of any kind has fallen by the wayside. Which sucks because that whole writing a book thing is sort of dependent upon me actually, you know, WRITING. It figures that as soon as I admit that I have an idea and I get a work group together for critiquing purposes my inspiration and motivation dry up.

So back to my furious reading. I’ve read five books since Saturday. FIVE BOOKS, each of which was over 300 pages long, all of which were about vampires. Every so often I get this way, where reading becomes a compulsion, particularly if I’ve found a series I love. In my case, I’ve taken up three series since Christmas and finished two of them. I’m working now on the Black Dagger Brotherhood series that Anne recommended. They are really awesome, the first adult vamp series I’ve read (very steamy!). I’m particularly interested in the whole vampire culture and societal structure of the series I’ve been reading; they are all so different! And intricate! And I am left totally in awe and completely intimidated by the immense task of writing a book and creating a whole world. So I read. When I am not reading, I am thinking about reading and wondering when I can get back to reading. It’s an obsession, really, and it kind of skeeves me out if I’m honest. But when I sit down to watch TV in the evenings or when Zack suggests we play a board game or the dog wants attention I feel my anxiety start to build because I just want to read. Pretty soon it’s 9:30 and with the exception of dinner, when I have to put the book down because I need my hands to eat, I’ve barely spoken to Zack all evening.

The good thing is Zack isn’t taking my vacation from social skills personally because he knows all about obsessions. His family loves reminiscing about all the things Zack’s been obsessed with throughout his life, the most recent and permanent thing being politics. The man is crazy obsessed with politics and has been since high school. A current side-obsession is football. He can’t get enough. I think he’s a little relieved that I can sort of relate to his football obsession now (which formerly pissed me off to no end because OMG IT’S A GAME! Not life-altering! Nothing to get your blood pressure up about! And why is it on my TV three nights a week?). He’s been really generous about leaving me alone and not making me feel bad about the intensity of my desire to readreadread all the time.

But dudes, my kids are so totally screwed. I hope they obsess over stuff I am interested in, at least.


2 thoughts on “My house is full of obsessers

  1. Anne says:

    Five books since Saturday!! How do you DO that? Do you have time to eat and sleep and stuff? I think the most I’ve ever managed was three in that sort of time frame. And that was, uh, with the same series of books actually. Heh.

    • Austin says:

      I am magic. And obsessive.

      Plenty of time for eating and sleeping, just not much else. I feel totally lame about it, but it’s like I can’t stop myself.

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