Totally Lacking Cohesion. You’re Welcome!

I was going to hold off on the post about our anniversary weekend because we actually took pictures! And I have them! But then I realized that I didn’t take any with my phone and since we all know how often I actually upload photos off my camera, it could be a really long wait.

Uh, let me back up.

Sunday was our first anniversary! We went to Door County, WI, for a quick little getaway since we both had Monday off for MLK, Jr. Day and Zack found a great deal on a hotel room. It was pretty quiet up there, it being the dead of winter and all, but it was still charming and quaint and we toured wineries and drank a lot so I was pretty happy. Also? Our room totally had a fire place AND a jacuzzi bath big enough for two (ow ow!). We went on a sleigh ride that turned out to be more like a hayride pulled by horses instead of a tractor. It was included in the price of our room, a Romance Package or whatever, and it turned out that it wasn’t very romantic at all. Think large wooden box full of six other families with children, only silent and awkward, and that was more where we were at. But it was cool to learn about cherry picking and the care of the trees in the winter time and the migrant workers (my story-telling skills are off today, I keep getting ahead of myself; the sleigh ride took place at a winery/orchard and they took you through the orchard during the ride). Anyway, it was a fun and relaxing time and I was happy to have that one-on-one time with Zack.

I am also happy last week is over because can we say GIANT HORMONAL PUDDLE OF MUSH? I was totally off-kilter. Everything upset me, I cried for no reason,  I buried my cranky ass in a mountain of books and barely came up for air. It was so bad that I actually took a pregnancy test because that was the only thing I could think of that would be causing such intense mood swings, but it was negative. I guess there was just a hormone fiesta happening, but I feel better this week. I don’t really have an explanation other than PMS, which I loathe, but honestly…I’ve got nothing else. But it was weird and icky and I’m glad it’s over. I’m betting not as glad as Zack is, though.

Okay, since my life is relatively boring at the moment, I’m going to share with you all the grossness that is my cat Sappho. She vomits kind of a lot in the mornings after she tries to wolf down her breakfast and we think it’s just that she eats so damn fast. It’s not every morning, but it’s often enough that Ella and Arlo know that if they hang around her they are likely to get dessert, if you know what I mean. It is SO NASTY. She makes these horrible choking and hacking noises like she’s about to spew forth something twice the size of her head but then it ends up being a tablespoon or two of actual, you know, stuff. And I know that they are animals, but I get inappropriately pissed off when Ella and Arlo come running as soon as Sappho starts heaving. Then they hover around waiting for the goods and I’m half-naked and still damp from the shower, flailing around trying to beat them to the mess and trying not to yell loud enough to wake Zack (HA) and usually they get there before me anyway so my screeching is mostly useless.

Aren’t you glad you visited my blog today?

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