And then I probably ate it.

I considered writing all last week. Really I did. But then I thought about how boring my life is and how I am watching a lot of TV these days and I figured you probably weren’t interested in hearing about all that. Plus I’ve been EATING THE ENTIRE WORLD one cookie or cheeseburger at a time and that’s not a fun thing to admit when all you ever seem to hear about these days is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred video. Seriously. That thing must emit subliminal messages of cheese and chocolate and bread because people love it so much. And I’m all “Sign me up!” As long as you don’t get winded or sweaty or have to suffer through sore muscles the next day because those things suck and please pass the spaghetti and the remote, kthnx.

So much for resolutions, eh?

I just can’t seem to bring myself to say no to food. It’s all tangled up in my feeling down lately and I haven’t been able to deny myself the food that makes me feel better. Except I know this is the worst type of eating habit because it’s self-defeating. The food doesn’t ACTUALLY make me happy and over time I begin to feel worse because the numbers on the scale creep up. Except so far they haven’t. At all. I am slowly losing weight. Which I am sure will backfire immediately now that I’ve told the Internet, but whatever.

Today, though, I am eating well. Yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a Weight Watchers soup for lunch that I made last night (it’s tried and true delicious) and then something homemade and not terrible for me for dinner (TBD). I recognize that I need to turn this Eat Anything That Sounds Good thing around like, stat.

In other news, I saw The Lovely Bones this weekend. I read the book approximately eight million years ago and loved it. When I saw they were making a movie I was skeptical but actually, it was pretty good. I thought it suffered a bit in the pacing (sometimes it draaaaagged) and there was also some confusion about how much time passed between Susie’s death and the end of the movie. The living characters barely changed physically and there were some context clues that made the passage of time confusing. I think Peter Jackson dropped the ball a bit there. But overall I was into the movie the whole time and Stanley Tucci as the bad guy? Holy shit, he was perfect. I was also impressed with Saoirse Ronan, who plays Susie Salmon, the main character. I didn’t know she has an Irish accent in real life; I never would have guessed based on her performance in The Lovely Bones.

I am going to read the book again for sure.

Happy Monday!


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