Let me gush at you for a moment

***More American Idol Spoilers Ahoy***

(But only a couple because I’m not talking about Idol for long!)

It’s time for another post, if for no other reason than to get THE MULLET off the top of my freaking page. Though, I have to say, when they sent the kid home after a pretty decent rendition of “Trouble” by Ray La Montagne I was surprised. Also, my top three’s already been busted wide open by Lilly’s unexpected early departure from the show; homegirl didn’t even make the top 12, which is a total bummer. I feel pretty lukewarm about most of the contestants this year. Crystal Bowersox remains my favorite.

But enough about American Idol! What I really wanted to tell you is that I AM GOING TO EUROPE. TOMORROW!!!

I cannot comprehend, you guys. I keep stopping in the middle of whatever I’m doing and going “OMGOMGOMGOMG!”

I have never been out of the country. Not even to Canada or Mexico. So this is A Big Deal. A big, exciting deal made of awesome.

Am I packed? No. Do I have any type of foreign currency? Nope. Is my laundry finished? Not even a little. Is my house clean and ready for cat-sitting friends and brothers? Absolutely, unequivocally, NO.

I totally have a suitcase, though. It is new and shiny and I love it. Also my dog is being happily spoiled by grandma (we dropped him off last night). And I am bouncing around my cubicle like a kid on Halloween after eleventy jillion too many pieces of candy and maybe a shot or three of espresso. Me! Going to Europe! TOMORROW!

When we booked this trip in January, it felt light years away. We’d been talking about it for months but I couldn’t get excited because it didn’t feel real. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop; for us to get slammed with an unexpected vet bill or car problem or something else that would suck up all the money we’d set aside for the trip. But those things never happened and now that it’s so close I am finally feeling the butterflies and the bubbly happiness that makes me laugh to myself, alone at my desk, for no reason at all. I keep blurting to Zack “Europe! Tomorrow!” and he laughs at me, so relieved that I am finally something other than stoic about our plans. He’s been giddy for months and I know it disappointed him that I didn’t seem as happy to be going. But I am! I am! Just…belatedly happy. Thrilled!



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