Me! In the back! With my hand raised!

I have a question, Internet.

I also have a walk-in closet.

It’s positioned awkwardly, across the hall from our bedroom and not a part of any other room. A random lone closet.

My clothes live in there along with about a zillion other things that we don’t use or just plain have nowhere else to put. There are two other closets similarly overstuffed in other parts of the apartment, but mine is the worst.

The other closets are not where Sappho likes to throw up in the mornings.

She scarfs her food really fast, then looks for a place to hide where she can throw up without the dog trying to push her out of the way so he can eat the vomit.  It’s really disgusting and sometimes I don’t get to them in time to shoo the dog away. At least when he eats it I don’t have to feel its squishy warmth through the paper towel.

The real problem, though, is that she can open my closet door. It’s one of those folding doors that doesn’t latch, you just push it flat to close it all the way. Well, guess who figured out how to reach underneath and pull it open from the bottom?

Mine is pretty similar to this, in fact.

She opens the door just enough that she can squeeze through and then lets loose on all my stuff.  With the barf, I mean.

So far this week she’s thrown up on my favorite sweater, a skirt, one tennis shoe and my yoga mat. I was really irritated about the yoga mat, ’cause it’s brand new and I’ve only used it once. Now it kind of grosses me out because what if I didn’t clean it off well enough and I stick my face in cat barf molecules?

I worry about that kind of stuff.

Everyone tells us she throws up because she’s eating too quickly. She’s totally fine otherwise, so we’re not too worried about there being something wrong with her. Physically, I mean. Mentally is another story.

I know I could probably keep my closet neater, but dudes, that is a lot of work. It would be a whole project to get everything off the floor in there and honestly? I am just too  lazy for that. Also I have nowhere to put all the stuff that currently resides on my closet floor because HALLO! 700 sq. feet of jam-packed apartment.

We’ve tried keeping the dog away while she eats but it seems pretty ingrained that vomiting = hiding and she still goes in the closet even when he’s not around.

Isn’t there a way to cat-proof my damn closet door before there’s puke on everything I own?


4 thoughts on “Me! In the back! With my hand raised!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Is this thing on?

  2. […] (HELLO, I just admitted to having midget porn in my possession). I worry the movers will find dried cat puke in my closet and think that I am disgusting (hey, it’s possible I missed something). But really, Sappho is […]

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