In Which I Utter a Huge Sigh of Relief (And Immediately Suck It Back In With Anxiety)

Friends! It has been too long and for that I am sorry. I’ve been unable to tell the Internet what’s been going on with me and what’s been going on with me is really all I have to talk about. You see how this can be a problem with respect to the ol’ blog here. But! The time has come to unveil my secret.

We are moving to Minneapolis!

Oh, you guys. You don’t know how good it feels to say that out loud.

Zack has a job offer and his family is from the Twin Cities area. But I couldn’t tell you all until I told my work that I’m leaving, which I did this morning. We’ve always known we want to end up there so this is pretty exciting stuff. In the course of our relationship we’ve: done long-distance for a year, gone from long-distance to living together in a studio apartment, moved away from everything we both know (to Charlottesville), and moved back to Chicago. We are ready to start putting down roots. We are tired, yo.

The movers are coming to pack us up and take our stuff on May 27th. And yes, I did say movers, because  Zack’s new employer is paying for our move THANK YOU JESUS. I’ve moved three times in three years and I am so over the whole packing/hauling thing. I enjoy unpacking – to the extent that it can be enjoyed – but packing, sorting, lifting, etc? No thanks. I keep telling myself to get off the couch and sort some shit but so far I’m not really listening.

I must confess that this move has been boggling in new and unexpected ways. While I loathe packing and sorting, the not stressing about it this time around has left me free and available for other stresses, like the fact that I’m moving away from my friends and family and trying finding another job. But we’re going to chalk all this emotional eating and moodiness up to PMS and move right along, okay? Because my precious self cannot handle confrontation or long stretches without chocolate right now. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?

The job search is exactly what you’d expect it to be In This Economy, which is to say: feh. Something will happen eventually. I’ve had a few bites but nothing that’s worked out. I’m not worried, though. Yet. Give me another month and I might be bald with no fingernails, but for now things are moving at an acceptable pace and I still look relatively normal.

The pets don’t know it yet, but they are SUPATHRILLED about our new place, which is more than twice the size of our current apartment and has a yard. And stairs! And windows with birds and trees and stuff to watch. And walking trails and lakes and it’s just going to be so much better for all of us.

I feel so grateful that we are finally here, finally ready to start our life. We made it.

Ella is ready to watch those movers earn their keep.

She will make sure the beer is cold.

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2 thoughts on “In Which I Utter a Huge Sigh of Relief (And Immediately Suck It Back In With Anxiety)

  1. Anne says:

    MINNESOTA!! Are you moving to Minneapolis proper, or to one of the suburbs? I lived in White Bear Lake (north east of St. Paul) and Bloomington (south west of Minneapolis).
    Promise me one thing: YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE STATE FAIR. The Minnesota state fair is…an experience. They have this food on a stick thing and they will deepfry anything imaginable and put it on a stick. Pork chops. Hotdish. Pizza. Spaghetti. Yes, REALLY. And all the radio stations and tv stations broadcast from the fair. It is a HUGE thing. I didn’t get to go last year and I won’t be able to go this year (SAD PANDA), but man is it awesome.

    If you can’t tell, I’m a LITTLE excited for you. I can’t move back to MN, unfortunately, but I can live through other people who do get to live there. 🙂

    • Austin says:

      Minneapolis proper! Near Uptown (holla).

      Duuuude. Totes hit up the state fair long ago. I have five words for you: BUTTER BUSTS OF BEAUTY QUEENS (this could be a porn title, no?). It was definitely an experience. I also enjoyed the on-a-stick method of eating everything, including a deep fried Snickers which, of course, was heaven.

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