Catching Up

I guess there’s a lot to catch up on as far as this blog is concerned, seeing as I haven’t posted in about ten months. I am just as avid a blog reader as I ever was but for a long time there I wasn’t doing anything with myself that didn’t sound totally boring even to me, so it was less depressing to stop trying to make my life funny than it was to just stop writing about it altogether. As I mentioned in my last post, work has kind of dwindled into mostly no flying for me so I’m housewifing it up a lot and that has been cool-slash-terrible as I realize how fucking futile trying to keep the house clean actually is with three adults and four animals living under one roof. But being home during the day to run errands and do the whole lunching-with-my-lady-friends thing has been pretty rad. I also find that on the rare occasions when I DO do a lot of flying I really miss having all that time to myself. I am getting alone-time stingy and that is going to be an issue for me because…

Well, look what I made!

I was trying to think of a way to make the All Important Blog Announcement but then I realized that at almost 27 weeks it’s kind of ridiculous to think it’s still a secret even from the Internet. EVEN THE INTERNET CAN SEE MY BOOBS ARE UNNATURALLY GIGANTIC. And I now freak out the occasional passerby who notices my belly moving of its own accord as if there’s a guy with a BB gun trying to shoot his way out of there.

It’s kind of awkward, but I still make everyone I’ve ever met poke my belly to feel where the baby’s sitting and to feel the baby kick. I am not one of the pregnant ladies who wants nothing to do with anyone touching her, although I do not invite or encourage strangers to approach my stomach with anything even slightly resembling an outstretched hand. But since most of my friends don’t have kids and our baby will be the first grandchild on two of three sides of our family, it’s really fun to see the surprise on our friends’ and family’s faces when they feel how hard my belly is or when they can FEEL THE BABY IN THERE, HOLY SHIT, ALIENS!

Zack is very sensitive about people pushing on my stomach; he’s afraid we’re going to squish the baby and she’ll come out misshapen or something absurd. I keep telling him that she’s going to come out squished but it won’t be from people poking at my belly. I mean, do you even understand how narrow a vagina actually is?!?!

Oh yes, we are also having a girl! We’re not very good secret keepers, even from ourselves apparently.

In amongst all this baby excitement a couple other awesome things have happened, the first of which is that my sister, Meredith, peaced out of San Diego in November and has moved in with us. While the circumstances surrounding the move were very much not awesome, it has been so great to have her here. She and her English bulldog, Jan, have settled in nicely and Mere has a very cool job that keeps her busy about 12-15 hours a day. She’s positively ecstatic about my loinfruit and I can’t think of a better person to be a live-in nanny aunt for this kid.

In February Zack and I took a two week vacation to Thailand. If you’re doing backward math in your head, let me save you the trouble: yes. I was already pregnant. Eleven weeks, to be exact. When we decided to go for the whole baby making thing we thought it would, ahem, take us awhile to succeed. So we planned this elaborate vacation to Thailand as a sort of last hurrah before baby and approximately ten seconds later I was pregnant. Which, of course, was a huge blessing and we totally know how lucky we are that it happened so easily for us. After a big ol’ long discussion with our doctor and A LOT of Internet research and tweaking of our plans, we decided to go anyway.

It was awesome. And I could not eat a thing over there. But that is a post unto itself and maybe I will even talk my lazy ass into posting some pictures from our trip. Stay tuned!

I think those are the top three highlights from the past couple of months, so now we are caught up on the basics. I am going to try really hard to not disappear from this blog for months at a time again…we’ll see how it goes!


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Sabrina says:

    You better keep that promise, or else…

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