Gardening Champions

We have a very large yard. Well, we have what I consider to be a large yard; it is almost an acre of grass and mature trees and every kind of hosta known to man and what used to be probably very nice and well-tended gardens.

Now, our neighbors to the north are snow birds and pay people to come take care of their yard. Our neighbors to the south spend in hours what is at minimum equivalent to a full-time job working on their not-insignificantly-sized yard and seem also to rope various strapping young family members (grandchildren?) to help with the heavy lifting.

Needless to say we’re by far the neighborhood’s weakest link in the whole yard-attractiveness thing.

We cannot afford to pay people to come pretty up our yard and we are calling in all our favors for house-related help for work on the nursery, which had to be gutted, re-insulated, and put back together before I can even get in there to slap a coat of paint on the walls. (We are at the mudding and taping stage, in case you are curious).

This year I’ve discovered that I really enjoy the riding lawnmower and I mind weed whacking the perimeter of the yard and around all the trees far less than I ever imagined I would. Up until this year I had mowed a lawn exactly two times (with a push mower) (BOO.) and hated every moment of every type of yard work I’ve ever done.

Anyway, one of the first things you see when arriving at our house is a garden that until today looked something like this:

In my zeal I forgot to take a before photo of the actual garden

Doing something – anything! – about this garden that’s front and center in our yard has been hanging over my head since the first day of warm weather this year. And because of rain or vacations or laziness I’ve put off doing any work on it. Today I was determined to at least get a decent jump on the weeding.

Jan helped.

Even though I am not moving very fast these days, and the whole kneeling-to-standing-to-kneeling business is getting super lame because of my blood pressure fluxuating, the weeding didn’t take nearly as long and wasn’t nearly as assy a job as I’d expected. After about an hour Zack came out and helped me and then we decided to just go for the whole thing. We bought a shit ton of mulch – because while the weeding wasn’t AS BAD as we’d expected it is still not a job I plan to do on the reg – and some annuals to plant in the window box. We also bought a tomato plant and a couple of strawberry plants (did you know strawberries are perennials? Neither did we but we are extremely happy about it!).

I’ve decided that even though gardening kind of sucks while you’re doing it, it’s also very satisfying because it’s an instant gratification type job. You can see your progress immediately and may I say that the finished product is SO FREAKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME (at least in comparison to what it was this morning) that I’m inspired to keep going and clean up some of the other gardeny-type areas lurking around our yard.

This garden is so sexy I’m a little turned on just looking at it.

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