28 Weeks

Today I’m 28 weeks pregnant! It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever and yet the time has flown by so fast! I can hardly believe there’s a 2 1/2 lb. PERSON in there (even when it feels like I’m growing a kick boxer it’s hard to believe).

Technically 27w4d but close enough. I promise I look the same today but not as well dressed & not on an awesome beach in Ft. Myers.

Yesterday we had our 28 week doctor appointment and let me tell you, that one is no fun for a Mama-to-be that’s got a problem with needles. We had to do the glucose test, where you drink the nasty sugar drink then wait an hour and have your blood drawn to screen for gestational diabetes (Got the results back – no diabetes for me, thanks!). This is also the appointment where, if you have a negative blood type, you get a Rh immunoglobulin shot – which thankfully since my blood type is O+ I did not need. However, I did receive a Tetanus/pertussis vaccine, known as a Tdap. Apparently pertussis, a.k.a. whooping cough, is very contagious. Despite most of us having been vaccinated during childhood, doctors think the initial vaccine isn’t as effective long-term as they’d hoped it would be since it’s still pretty prevalent among adults. Pertussis is essentially just a long-lasting, irritating cough for adults but can be fatal to infants and children. Since babies can’t be vaccinated until 15 months and my daughter will be born right at the beginning of cold and flu season, that was pretty scary to hear! After some nervous wringing of hands on my part Zack and I decided it would be best for both of us to receive the booster (I was long overdue for a Tetanus shot anyway and a booster won’t hurt him even though he’s not really due for one). I got mine right then and there but Zack will have to schedule his and go back since he’s obviously not an OB-GYN patient. I was surprised the shot didn’t hurt even a little bit but my arm is very sore today at the injection site, which is common.

We also got an impromtu ultrasound at our appointment, which was very unexpected and cool, since our doctor has some sort of ultrasound certification he needs to keep up and likes to “stay on his toes” when he has time. The baby seemed pretty chill in there, I was a little disappointed we didn’t catch her at a more active time in her schedule (Ha! “Her schedule.” I’m so adorably delusional.)  but we did learn that she is head down – good girl! – and facing into my back. Which is how it’s been almost every other ultrasound and this time meant that we didn’t get a look at her little face. We did, however, discover that HER HEAD IS MEASURING AT 30 WEEKS. I repeat: HER HEAD, which will soon be divesting itself of my body via my vagina, is measuring TWO FULL WEEKS ahead of her gestational age. And before you ask me if maybe my dates are wrong and she is due earlier than we thought, let me stop you right there. Nope. There is absolutely no way my dates can be wrong, she is just her Daddy’s daughter. His 10lb. 4oz. body, preceded by a giant thunderdome, left his mom with over 130 stitches. IS YOUR LIFE FLASHING BEFORE YOUR EYES, TOO, OR IS THAT JUST ME?

Despite gestating what is apparently a gigantic-headed child, I was surprised to find that I haven’t gained any weight since my 24 week appointment, at which I was up 5 lbs. So I’ve gained a total of about 7 lbs. as best I can figure from my pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t weigh myself on the regular so I only had a rough idea of what I weighed before I got all knocked up, though. I’m happy and surprised by my weight gain during this pregnancy. I’d always thought I’d be one of those pregnant people who has trouble with the weight portion of things because I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. To discover that I’ve really only gotten bigger in the belly and boobs has been a major relief. I worry about losing the pregnancy weight when I’ve struggled so much to get down to a healthy weight WITHOUT adding baby poundage. Hopefully breastfeeding will help me reach my goals after the baby comes and Zack and I have a plan to help us both get healthier. I don’t need to be super fit or skinny, but I would like to be healthy to set a good example for my daughter and to feel good about my body. I have a lot to say about body image in relationship to my kids, but I think that topic warrants its own post!

A pregnancy symptom that’s cropped up just in the last couple of weeks has been swelling. SO MUCH SWELLING. I’ve suddenly been flying all the time, beginning with a four-day trip three weeks ago, and since then my feet pretty much swell every time I’m on them for any amount of time (my fingers get puffy, too, but not nearly as bad).

The left is always worse than the right.

My doctor says it’s nothing to worry about unless the swelling is accompanied by pitting or severe pain and so far mine is just strange and uncomfortable. One thing I’ve learned about myself since this pregnancy began is how bothered I am when my body does anything out of the ordinary. Even though I know the swelling isn’t something to be concerned about at this point I can’t help but be weirded out and distracted by my feet when it happens. I’m also not really sure what to do about exercise. I know I need to get my heart rate up, and I definitely want to be able to do a significant amount of walking toward the end of my pregnancy to help induce labor, but it really sucks to be swollen and uncomfortable. Not a great motivator.

At 28 weeks I think I am doing pretty darn well. I’m not so big that I’m awkward but I am noticeably pregnant, not just thicker-than-usual looking around the middle. I don’t have very many pregnancy symptoms and am sleeping, eating and feeling well overall. Bring on the next 12 weeks!


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