State of the Nora: Nine Months

Man, this kid changes FAST. The only thing that’s been consistent is that she’s basically a crappy sleeper. But I won’t launch into another 1,600 words about the sleep habits of my darling child, I promise. Suffice it to say I am tired.

NoraFD14Nora is shedding the last of her baby-ness and quickly becoming a toddler. She still has chubby cheeks and thigh rolls and a big, toothless grin but every day she learns something new or I notice how her arms are thinning out while her hair thickens and I am reminded that time is barreling us right out of her babyhood. How can my 9-month-old already seem so much like a kid?  She crawls with dizzying speed, pulls up on everything and cruises like she’s been doing it all her life. She’s halfheartedly starting to climb, which I think she’ll get more serious about once she’s walking. This child seems to have no fear. She loves our animals, much to their chagrin, and we are working on using gentle hands to touch them. While I feel for the pets, it is pretty adorable to see her excitement when she starts out using gentle hands on them and they don’t immediately flee. That generally devolves into her smacking them repeatedly and beaming at us, but as long as she’s not tearing fistfuls of fur off them I think we are all willing to be pleased.

NoraFD6Music is probably Nora’s favorite thing and has been for awhile. She particularly loves the guitar and will drop whatever she’s doing to come and “play” (read: put her hands on the strings and make it impossible for anyone to play). We went to dinner for my sister’s birthday over the weekend and there was a jazz trio playing on the main level, just below where we sat. They weren’t playing 30 seconds and Nora had zeroed in on their location and forgot the piece of food that had previously been on its way to her mouth. I took her down to watch and she sat on the stage and stared up at the musicians with rapt attention. They and the rest of the kitchen staff (the kitchen is open to the restaurant so they could all see her) thought she was pretty adorable. I am looking forward to the day that Nora realizes she can dance!

While she’s still very much a Mama’s girl, Nora is something of a social butterfly these days. She’s not very cuddly unless she’s hurt or going to sleep because in her mind there is just so much to see and do; the rare moment when she rests her head on someone’s shoulder is a surprise delight. She is a little parrot, too: mimicking sounds and some words (mama, dada, nana, bwa bwa bwa are her favorites – we are still trying to figure out if ‘bwa’ has any discernible meaning). She has a funny fake laugh she uses when everyone else is laughing or if she wants attention.  Her favorite book is “The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark” and we never read it only once through. It is the story of Mr. Fish overcoming his fears to look for Ms. Clam’s lost pearl and Nora can point to the pearl on some pages. Obviously she’s a genius.

NoraFD5We are still nursing and that’s still going perfectly, along with finger foods. I tentatively started giving her small pieces to feed herself at about seven months and we’ve never looked back. The only spoon food she eats now is yogurt. Purees lasted all of one month with this kid and now she will FEED EVERYTHING TO HERSELF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

My Nora wakes up talking and smiling every morning before she even opens her eyes. She’s a challenge, she’s a joy, she’s the best thing in our life.


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