About Me

Hi! I’m Austin. That’s me, to the right of the elephant.

No, I’m not from Texas and neither are my parents. In fact, I’ve never really been to Texas, except to drive through a teensy part of it on my way to Arizona. I was not conceived in Texas, nor am I a boy; my parents just liked the name. Feel free to hit me with a Texas joke; I have heard them all.

Things that I love: red wine, time off, [way too much] trashy television, all animals but especially elephants, YA fiction, witty banter, Indian food.

Things that can suck it: winter, judgy people, dark beer, being late, high heels.

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis with my husband, Zack, sister, Meredith, and our four pets Arlo, Jan, Ella and Sappho. Zack and I had our first child, a daughter, on September 9, 2012! Her name is Nora is she pretty freaking awesome.

I adore email and would love to hear from you! You can reach me at notliketexasATgmailDOTcom


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kelly says:

    While stalking people’s goodreads shelves on the booklushes ning, I saw your website title and decided I had to check you out because — although I live in Texas, I happen to think anything NOT like Texas would be fabulous. 🙂

    Great site; glad I stopped by.

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